Give Back


At Hometown Decking and Decorative Concrete we not only do our best to give our customers a great experience with our business practices, but we also strongly believe in giving back. My family and I are involved with Water To Thrive, an organization that builds water wells in rural Ethiopian villages that have never seen clean water in their existence. My wife and I have travelled to these villages and seen the need first hand and we have felt compelled to help in any way that we can. In April 2011, In co-ordination with Water To Thrive, A Glimmer of Hope and a local Ethiopian NGO (non-governmental organization) my wife and I lead a team to the rural village of Robit, which sits outside of Gondar, Ethiopia. During this trip we did health assessments on the village to get a better understanding of the health concerns for this particular village. We are working with professors and students from the University of Texas and Duke University to obtain statistical data to take to the differing organizations so that we can help this village to obtain better health through clean water, sanitation and other aspects. I am proud to say that we came back with some invaluable data on the village and a well system has now been dug in the village of over 11,000 people. The organizations are also building schools, a clinic and other invaluable things for these people. We will continue to do work in this village for the next several years by going back and re-evaluating the health needs to see how the changes that are being made there impacts the community. I would love to see you following our full story through Water To Thrive and A Glimmer of Hope. Both of these organizations are fabulous organizations pledging 100% of any donations going directly to projects. My Sincerest thanks, God Bless. Mike Koch and the whole team at Hometown Decking and decorative Concrete